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Module 3:

Big Data in Real Life


Welcome to Module 3!


  • Now that you have learned most of the basics about Big Data Analytics let's explore and find out how Big Data Analytics is used in real life!

  • Data analytics is used in many different fields in our life, even though you might not even notice it.

  • In this module, we will be discovering the various uses of Big Data Analytics in almost every part of our daily lives.


  1. Search and explore the fields on where Big Data is used.

  2. Learn how Big Data can be applied and used by various fields for different purposes to gain insights into the topic of interest.

  3. Get a sense of how Big Data applications exist in our everyday life.


Usages of Big Data Analytics 


Where are Big Data Analytics used?

You may not have noticed, but Big Data Analytics has already been deeply involved in different parts of our daily lives. It has also been put in use by multiple industries, like education, healthcare, and media, which we will explore.

(Think of a topic of interest while going through this module for an upcoming project.)


Write an insightful article!

  • What are some examples of big data usage in our life (or in your field of interest)? Provide a minimum of 2 examples with descriptions.


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