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Module 6:
Future Steps


Welcome to Module 6!


  • Good job for completing all the modules and exercises!

  • Now you will be able to conduct your own projects and researches on any topic you want!


  • Actually... Bata Data Analytics is evolving and developing so rapidly. You can always be an engaged learner while being a Big Data master!

  • In this module, you will be learning about the dangers of using Big Data, the ethics of using Data, and the future possible insights of Big Data.


  1. Learn the dangers and problems of Big Data (Hint: Personal Privacy)

  2. Explore the future insights about Big Data

  3. Be able to identify takeaways from this course


Dangers of Big Data and Data Ethics


Big Data Analysis is a very powerful tool with great potential that can be applied in multiple different fields, but just like the famous line from the comic Spiderman, "With great power there must also come great responsibility."


Because Big Data is so powerful, it also has potentials to be misused in dangerous ways. In this section you will be exploring the dangers of misusing Big Data and the Data Ethics of Big Data Analytics.


In this section, you would be discovering what the future of Big Data would possibly be like and becoming increasingly cautious in its vital effects, both beneficial and threatening. 

Future Insights and Take Aways


Upload a post on the Forum

Discuss how big data can be used in your field of interest and its potential dangers.
(Minimum of 100 words)


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