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Module 0 / Pre-Module

This module is to get you interested in learning about Big Data.

Let's start from the very basic: Big Data is in your life right now.


What is Big Data?

Have you ever wondered...

  • How Youtube recommends videos that intrigue you?

  • Why you are getting recommendations of sweaters similar to the one you searched up a day ago?

  • How increasingly developed GPS can take you to the exact destination that you want to go to?

The answer is big data!
It is making your life happier, simpler, and much more convenient. 

Organized Files

Your YouTube account tracks the categories of videos you watch and like everytime. This is why each YouTube account is unique as it makes a customized personal page for each user.


Shopping apps will "remember" the products you looked at months ago. The information of your shopping history becomes small pieces of data that is sent and stored into your account on the computer when you are browsing.


When large amount of datasets on locations and traffics are collected and stored, GPS is able to direct you by introducing a highly accurate route based on the insights gained from both good and bad performances of car routes that happened in the past. This is due to data predictions and analytics which would be possessively introduced in the future modules. 

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