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Welcome to Big Data Analytics

An Online Class by

Concordia International School Shanghai

Course Overview

Pre Module

What is Big Data

Module 1



Big Data

Module 2

Big Data



Module 3

Big Data


Real Life

Module 4

Data Collection

Module 5

Data Wrangling &

IBM Cognos Analytics

Module 6

Who We Are


Concordia International School Shanghai

Applied Learning Big Data Class

Hi! We are a group of high schoolers from Concordia International School Shanghai.

Having taken this course during our junior or senior year, we have grown from not even knowing the definition of big data to being able to develop an online course for other students whom we wish to provide the same experience to.

We hope you'll enjoy learning the modules that we've created for you!
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Dr. Peter Tong



Description of Course by Dr. Peter Tong

What is “Big Data”? In the simplest of terms, it refers to the tools, processes, and procedures allowing users to manipulate, and manage very large data sets and storage facilities that otherwise cannot be carried out without the use of technology. As of the beginning of 2013, the world is generating more data each day, than for the past four decades combined. The process of sifting through such sheer quantities of data proves to be very demanding for any person to do. Big Data is a new course that encompasses information technology, science, and mathematics. This course will focus on the conceptual understanding and the application theory behind Big Data Analytics rather than explicit formulas and technical jargon. The main objective of this course is to create “awareness” and to be exposed to the realm of big data and the hidden dangers it might bring. This course will include some hands-on experience utilizing big data analytics to solve some practical real-life projects. Upon completion, you will be more aware of this big data phenomenon.


Welcome to Big Data Analytics! This course will propel you into the world of Big Data. The goal of this course is to increase your awareness of what Big Data is all about. This course will cover the following topics:


  • Introduction & Overview

  • The Volume of Data

  • The Messiness of Data

  • Correlation

  • Datafication

  • Value in Data

  • Implications of Data

  • Risks and Control of Data

  • Beyond Big Data

  • Drivers for Big Data

  • Big Data Analytics Applications

  • Architecture Components

  • Advanced Analytics Platform

  • Implementations of Big Data Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Data Aggregation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • IBM Cognos Analytics

  • Blockchain

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