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Note however that for Goonstation 1 Classic: Heisenbee, OOC is turned off during a round. This is because these servers are, essentially, no-RP/RP-optional, meaning character roleplay is not expected from you, though any RP is welcomed. As such, you can directly ask people about game mechanics, freely talk about "rounds" and "game modes", discuss whatever shows you're watching or games you're playing, etc. in-game. This makes having OOC enabled redundant, and no one has to worry about "IC in OOC" or "OOC in IC" as with some other servers. However, just because there are no roleplay rules does not mean there are no rules.

On Goonstation 3 Roleplay: Morty and Goonstation 4 Roleplay: Sylvester, the Goonstation Roleplay servers, OOC is also off during rounds. However, it has LOOC, a "local" form of OOC that broadcasts only to those nearby, which is by default bound to ALT+L. LOOC is good for stuff like teaching people game mechanics when you can't explain them in-character, giving feedback to roleplaying, or just telling people you gotta go to the bathroom like right now. It's not for stuff like telling people someone's antag. For more information about LOOC/OOC and IC rules on the RP server, please see RP Rules.

Take a deep breath, you'll do fine! Even if you have your antagonist preferences set to off sometimes the game will make you an antag (that's short for antagonist) anyway because one is needed. Depending on what type of traitor you are, you'll have access to different abilities. The wiki page on that antagonist type will be your best friend. Your other best friend is mentorhelp (F3) - you are allowed to mention what kind of antag you are and ask for help over this channel.

They were again renamed to just Goonstation and Goonstation Roleplay, respectively. New people often thought the Goon RP #1 server was the main server because of the #1 in the name and often mixed up some of the rules and gameplay bits for the two servers as a result, so the admins decided to rename the servers to reduce confusion. The old names are still in common use. (And obviously, past media still use these names.)

Use the mentorhelp command in-game, go to the Help menu in the upper left and choosing Mentorhelp, press F3. Mentors are community volunteers who know a lot and are happy to share their knowledge. If you run across a question in game, you can always use the mentorhelp command, and if a mentor or admin is on you can expect a quick and efficient answer. Mentorhelps also show up in the admin as well as mentor Discord channel, so it's worth asking even if there are no mentors online as someone might see it and answer.

Please do not mentorhelp questions about rules, like "Is it ok to kill this guy" or "This borg killed me, is this ok" (these questions belong in adminhelp, which you can use by entering the adminhelp command, going to the Help menu in the upper left and choosing Adminhelp, or pressing F1), questions about secret chems other than general hint requests, or questions unrelated to the game.

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Head to the Bridge Tram Station as advised. Take it to Hangar: Cargo Tram Station, exiting out into Tram Station Hall. Continue en route to Hydroponics. Now our mission to create


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