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Rezo Bragin
Rezo Bragin

Udemy - Blender Uv Mapping - Complete Guide To ...

Whether you are creating a game or animation asset in Blender this course will guide you step by step through the process of creating an asset for use in a game engine such as Unreal engine or the Unity game engine. In the following post I outline the process we follow in this course.The process involves using the great tools available within Blender to model, UV map texture, rig and finally animate so get a game engine ready asset.During the course we use the tools available in Blender that will help speed up our workflow including loops tools, symmetrize and mirror modifier. In addition to that to that we try use many of the short cut keys to get the asset modeled quickly and get students into this great habit. One of the goals with this asset is to maintain good quad topology and try reduce or eliminate any issues that may arise during UV mapping and texturing.

Udemy - Blender Uv Mapping - Complete Guide To ...

This is a non-complete list of the currently available content for rigging in blender on youtube. These channels are free, some of them have additional pay content that furthers what is taught in them.

sounds like youre new to blender, if you only did the dounut tutorial. i would recommend this course from udemy. Unfortunately it costs 15$ but its TOTALLY worth it. Its a 46h course which contains all basics, which you will definitely have to learn if you want to work with blender. everything is explained very well and perfect for absolute beginners, that want to dive into blender. 041b061a72


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