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Film Saint Seiya Movie 5 Sub Indo Movies

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Film Saint Seiya Movie 5 Sub Indo Movies

The first two movies received a theatrical release in France under Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque: La Légende de la Pomme d'Or, and La Guerre des Dieux, where Knights of the Zodiac was at its prime popularity in that country. These films were never released in the U.S until it was announced by Discotek Media in 2012 that they had acquired the rights to the first four movies in a two disc set. The DVDs contain the original Japanese audio track with English subtitles.[8]

Unlike the other Saint Seiya movies made in the 1980s, this one was a full featured film, having a running time of 75 minutes. The events occur sometime after the Poseidon saga and before the Fallen Angels saga (4th movie).

After the success of the OVA series Hades - Chapter Sanctuary, this movie served as a continuation to the Hades saga. Injured after his confrontation with Hades, Seiya is in a wheelchair and vegetative state under Saori's care. The Goddess Artemis, Saori's older sister, comes to Earth and strikes a bargain with her. In return for restoring Seiya's mind and body, she will take control over Sanctuary. Now Seiya and his fellow Bronze saints must fight Zeus and his Angels to restore their homeland. Hoping that it may bring peace on Earth, Saori goes to the Sanctuary and starts spilling her blood. Upon invading the Sanctuary, the Bronze Saints learn that Athena was banished by Artemis and decide to fight the moon goddess in order to rescue their true goddess and free the Earth from Artemis's ominous control. 1e1e36bf2d


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