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Mark Fedorov

Kenwood VR-806 Instruction Manual Kenwood ##BEST##

Got this unit in a bundle package many many years ago with Denon speakers (6.1 setup). The Denon reciever that was supposed to be included had been badly damaged by some moron with a forklift so the store gave me a killer discount deal with the Kenwood instead. While I by far prefer Denon the price was right esp given very limited $Had this unit for years.. however the display was flaky starting at just past warranty of course.. and the screen finally died completely at aprox 3 yrs. (really crapp soldering joints I suspected but it had burned a controller part for the display as well and warranty/CS from kenwood sucked bigtime)The rest of the unit functioned otherwise and I had zero $ so had to keep using it. Fortunately i never used it for video controls.. so I set it for toslink input from my HTPC and basically left it alone.. it died completely after 10+yearsI got an amazingly sweet deal on a Denon AVR-X4300H brand new which even with the deal broke my budget for a very long time but it is a killer piece overall. Massive upgrade.. not perfect and flaws ith it could be fixed via firmware if Denon gets around to it but overall Im quite happy with it. I also hunted down more of the same Denon speakers to set it up as a full 9.1 system currently. The source for the added speakers sadly did not have the sub as well or id have a matching pair for that as well.

Kenwood VR-806 Instruction Manual Kenwood

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