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Neagu Djuvara O Scurta Istorie Ilustrata A Romanilor Pdf Download

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Neagu Djuvara O Scurta Istorie Ilustrata A Romanilor Pdf Download: A Review

Neagu Djuvara was a Romanian historian, philosopher, diplomat and writer who wrote many books on the history of Romania and its people. One of his most popular works is O scurta istorie ilustrata a romanilor (A Short Illustrated History of the Romanians), published in 2013 by Humanitas. This book is a summary of his previous work O scurta istorie a romanilor povestita celor tineri (A Short History of the Romanians Told to the Young), which was based on his audio recordings for young listeners.

The book offers a concise and engaging overview of the main events and personalities that shaped the history of Romania from ancient times to the present day. It is enriched with many illustrations, maps, photos and documents that help the reader visualize the past. The book also tackles some of the most controversial and debated issues in Romanian history, such as the origin and identity of the Romanians, their relations with their neighbors and empires, their role in the world wars and the communist regime, and their integration into the European Union.

The book is written in a simple and accessible language, with a touch of humor and irony. It is aimed at a general audience, especially young people who want to learn more about their country's history. It is also a useful resource for teachers and students who want to complement their textbooks with a more lively and personal perspective. The book has been translated into several languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Hungarian.

The book is available in both print and digital formats. You can buy it online from various websites or download it for free as a PDF file from some academic platforms. If you are interested in reading this book, you can use one of the following links:

Goodreads - Here you can find more information about the book, such as ratings, reviews, summaries and editions. You can also buy it from Amazon or other online stores. - Here you can download the PDF file of the book for free. You need to create an account or log in with your Facebook or Google account. - Here you can download the PDF file of the book for free. You need to enter your email address and click on "Descarca PDF".

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learning more about the history of Romania and its people.

If you want to know more about the author of this book, you can also read his biography. Neagu Djuvara was born in 1916 in Bucharest, in a wealthy family of Aromanian origin. He studied in France, where he graduated in Letters and Law from the University of Paris. He became interested in the Romanian fascist movement, the Iron Guard, but later renounced it and embraced parliamentary democracy.

During World War II, he fought on the Eastern Front as an officer cadet in the Romanian Army, and then joined the diplomatic corps. He was sent as a courier to Sweden on the day of King Michael's Coup, which changed Romania's alliance from the Axis to the Allies. He remained in Sweden until 1947, when he decided to stay in exile after the communist takeover of Romania.

He lived in various countries, such as France, Switzerland, Nigeria and Niger, where he worked as a diplomat, journalist, professor and researcher. He obtained a doctorate in philosophy from the Sorbonne with a thesis on the philosophy of history. He also wrote several novels and memoirs. He returned to Romania after the 1989 Revolution and became a professor at the University of Bucharest. He was awarded many honors and distinctions for his contributions to Romanian culture and history.

Neagu Djuvara died in 2018 at the age of 101. He was buried at Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest. He is remembered as one of the most original and influential Romanian historians of the 20th and 21st centuries. 061ffe29dd


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