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I decided to make a sketchbook of my favorite prints and photos of dresses and shoes. Picking out the pattern, shape, and fold of the dress was a trip of love and pleasant when I was gathering these photos and washi tapes. I've been inspired by the washi tapes' unique handmade craftsmanship since my childhood.

The Dolly Dress features antique-like floral print of patterned washi tape and leather of hand-crafted vintage quality. I hope you enjoy this sketchbook, and your imagination will be drawn to the process of making this beautiful dress.

Shark Dress is the first model of the sketchbook. This piece is inspired by the soft textures of the washi tapes' girl's dresses, colorful geometric designs from the vintage graphics, and the vintage style of a Chinese dress from Shanghai. The and the reliability of this sketch wasps. watch video here

Dragonfly Dress is a design that brings a unique and modern look to the sketchbook. I was fascinated by the dragonfly , and I just couldn't stop drawing it on my sketchbook. This sketch was perfect for the multitasking exercise because I was using different tools to compliment the different fabrics. The color was created by using a floral washi tape, and the texture of fabric was discovered by playing with the different washi tapes.

Redhead Dress is inspired by the patterned washi tapes and the glamourous style of vintage Hollywood movie backdrops. We remember the pink romantic scenes in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman when the nurse's dress with pink floral prints. The movie was released in this year, and the red dress was one of the highlights of the movie. d2c66b5586


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