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Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency


Klingenfuss 2010 Super Frequency

The SW8 is easy to program using the OW88 firmware. The SW8 may be programmed to display either a VFO sweep or frequency change. Careful with the up- and down-arrow keys. If the SW8 is locked in a position that does not contain the function you want, be careful not to press an arrow key. Those days are over when the SW8 displays a frequency change. Only 25kHz is displayed at a time.

I would have liked to see a short summary of the frequencies included in the book, mainly because I am always using the book to see what frequencies are going to be in a broadcasters output for a given time, rather than what the broadcasters want to use. There are two pages of frequency tables in this book.

With the recent trend of the HF bands having their nominal frequencies moved in 40-50khz steps to cut-off interference between stations, it has become obvious that Klingenfuss could do with updating their frequency tables. So it is gratifying that the most recent edition has gone some way towards this. The modest increase in frequency available to the amateur in the latest edition means that it can be comfortably used in the SWLing posts that we do, because the new edition doesn't increase the margin that was previously available.

A highly comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for measuring radio-frequency interference has been created by Richard Surtees. His application was licensed to the West European Utilities Standards Association and the new system (where available, in other countries approved by the WU) is called SpectrumRF. I managed to get a copy of the workbook version (which looks like a handbook to me) and it is a very handy aid to have if you own a shortwave radio. Its strongly recommended that you read up on the subject before using the application and it may need to be taken to pieces and cleaned thoroughly. The main hazards are high power stations, which create a lot of "noise" that can interfere with the signals of others and it will be necessary to have local radio tests carried out. The other hazard is the inability to work when you are using it. 3d9ccd7d82


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